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iBeer Live Wallpaper

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Beer trapped inside your phone? Splashing around behind your other apps?Its iBeer Live Wallpaper! Turn your phone into an aquarium of beer, bubbles, and frothy foam.From Hottrix, inventors of iBeer for iPhone, comes the worlds wackiest living phone background.
Based on our award-winning beer drinking app you can now watch beer gushing around your phone without having to start an app. Its a "live wallpaper" and amazes with highly realistic liquid simulation right behind your app buttons and on your locked screen. Your phone is now constantly drenched in beer and can be turned in every direction without spilling. Hours of hypnotic fun!
✔ Truly eery and hilarious.✔ So realistic itll fool a bartender!✔ Omni-directional splashing, bubbles, and foam.
Get it today!
*************Instructions:Download iBeer Live Wallpaper.Go to your phones Settings, Wallpaper, Live WallpapersSelect iBeer WallpaperDone. Watch and laugh how your phone is now powered by beer....*************
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - NO QUESTIONS ASKED - BUY NOW - NO RISKIf your iBeer needs more love (cause it acts weird on your specific Android device because a huge cellphone corporation sold you a crap phone) well refund your money!
HTC: 1-866-449-8358Samsung: 1-888-987-4357Motorola: 1-800-734-5870
For refunds email
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